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image.png100 pages. plus Phantom's Universe Character card #8 - Miss Mist.

Cover art by Glenn Lumsden
First off is, of course, the mandatory Phantom story - The Vapors of Vulcan.
Next up is the second issue of Paul Wheelahan’s The Raven.
Next is a real treat from Jeremy MacPherson...a brand new Shadow 2-parter, that he’s written and drawn.
This is followed by a piece of history... The Vampire!
Our second brand new story is from Itailian master Romano Felmang who is continuing the Phantom Ranger story.
The next story is from Shane Foley. He’s created a masterly tale that gives us a bit more background information about Sir Falcon.
Our doctor in residence, Kevin Patrick, gives a background on Aussie comics legend Peter Chapman.

Price: € 9.00 

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