IpComics subscription - get every single issue of The Phantom.

Do not miss a single issue ...

As a "jumpstart" for a subscription or just to get to know the Phantom by Frew ...

A nice package of Frew (The Phantom) put together for you: The "100 pages Specials" (World and Giant) as well as the 2018 issues so far. The big Annual included, of course. (some on the pictures are sold out.)

If you would like similar packages 3-4 times pr. year, as a "subscription", it is possible. Estimated price is today 25% less that regular subscription from Frew.

You pay as you get the books, not a big sum in advance. 25% less prise. You can include include specials in the same arrangement, and stop the "subscription" when you want.

You have to wait a bit for the books, and will not get them when they are "fresh".

Normally no cards included, however that can be arranged.

For details, contact the Shop by PM