Phantom Sundays - colors IpComics

Some time ago I started coloring some of the old Phantom Sunday stories, just as an experiment and for fun. At first, I worked in Photoshop, but I soon shifted to iPad pro and ProCreate, a wonderful coloring and drawing app for iPad.

Of course, some of the classic Sunday pages have been colored before, by several publishers. These have often just ordered the sides colored by a bureau or any other artist, with more knowledge to coloring than to the Phantom, and certainly not any knowledge to the colors in the classic stories.

These are all nice in their way, but I wanted to get a result as close to the original as possible. I tried to make sure the palettes were the same, and avoid gradings and shadings, as is very often used in modern coloring.

The experiment went well, and I sold my first result to Frew - Australia, and it is printed in their 2017 Annual.

And I continue, with stories I like and. If we find room to publish such in Comics Revue I concentrate on these stories.


My first story, made for Frew: 
S032 - The Female Phantom 20 Jul 1952 - 12 Oct 1952

Two other stories I am working at:
S053 - The Childhood of the Phantom and S055 - The Honeymooners

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