The Phantom by Gaslight

Frew, the publisher who give us The Phantom from Australia, is now trying new and daring ways.

Last year they introduced colors in their book, and we saw more of that in issues to come. Then there were rumors of "Kid Phantom" and "Phantom by Gaslight". 

We have already seen stories made for Frew by the italian artist Todaro, in Frew #1780.

Now Frew have liftet the curten just enough to let IpComics have a glimpse of what to come in "Phantom by Gaslight", out in #1784, late May publishing date.

There is no doubht that this is very different art than most of what we have seen. Strongly inspided by "Batman by Gaslight", a hit at DC in the late 80ties. And ... when you think about it, is it realistic to think the Phantom did look exactly like some 150 years ago, as today?

The story is a strong one, and will be made as "Chapters" if I am not wrong.

Here is a few panels to trigger you lust for Phantom like you have never seen him before.