Kid Phantom

Kid Phantom is one of the new and exiting experiments done by Frew lately.

In this first story, "Mistakes" we are told about the young 21st Phantom. We have in stories by Falk & McCoy learned how life for the Phantom son was. How he grew up from child to boy, learned to live in the jungle, fight and hunt for a living. But what Falk gave us was just a glimps from a childhood as the Phantom's son. There have to be more, and everything could not be as easy as we may think form the Sundays.

In this new story we see that life has many sides, sown sides as well as up. When we leran we makes mistakes, and by that we learn even more, but mistakes are not always easy to handle. 

But, do not trust me, read the story ... coming in a book from Frew,