Frew 1780 - new story by Todaro

The first story by Angelo R. Todaro (Italy) made for Frew - Australia just arrived in my mail box today.
Well done Angelo R. Todaro.

I will not say much about the story, you should read it yourself, but I find it relaxing and with good art. The story is more like the old Spada (not so strange ...) than what we are used to get from Egmont. The Phantom ride silently ... and then the action just happen, no much "small talk" in the cave first. Good!

Angelo R. Todaro is a very capable artist, that he has proved with his good art shown on his web, and this story is no exception.

The story; "The Stubborn Sorcerer" is the 10th in line for what can be called "Frew-stories", IOW, stories made for and/or only published by Frew.