IpComics want to credit and thank the following persons in making this index possible:


Are Berg - for some start help with MySql.

Hallgeir Flø - scanning and/or collecting of a lot of the pictures used in Fantomet and Frew index. Hallgeir has also made sure that the info is correct.

LennartMal - for his text following the classic strips in the index.

Kjell Steen - for his pioneer work on a Phantom strip index in Norway. Some of the info in the classic section is based on his work. The info about reprinting of the Phantom in Norwegian Weekly publications are used by his permission, and is his work entirely.

Haakon Åsnes - for his information about Aftenposten.

David C Budds – for kindly letting us use his cover-scans of Frew #1 to #100.