The story:
Celebrating a well completed mission, the senior officers of the Jungle Patrol are aghast to hear that their three captured terrorists have escaped and left one man dead in their wake.

Learning of the deed and further killings, the secret JP Commander decides to take over the case with a plan to have the Phantom in three places at the same time to wreak maximum revenge on the fleeing fugitives...

Watch out for:
• A new Sunday artist, Jeff Weigel
• Colonel Worobu’s undercover work in the Wambesi village
• A nightly Bandar mission

Published in Frew:

Published in Norway/Sweden:
Ftb:7 2018 Ftb:25-26 2021
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S185 - The Phantom is Everywhere

Original run in the papers: 9 Apr 2017 - 1 Oct 2017
Script: Tony DePaul
Art: Terry Beatty/Jeff Weigel