The story:
President Luaga's asks the Phantom for undercover help when an intelligence unit reports that a 'high-profile VIP' is to be assassinated in New York in two weeks' time by the Rhodian terrorist Brakkos.

Not knowing the name of Brakkos' intended victim or his modus operandi, the Phantom must follow the Rhodian's trail until he learns the disturbing truth about the unsuspecting target...

Watch out for:

  • Brakkos' clever plan
  • A brief family reunion
  • A dramatic shoot-out

  • Published in Frew:
    1445 1962

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Ftb:17-18 2014
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    S163 - The Assassins

    Original run in the papers: 2 Oct 2005 - 26 Mar 2006
    Script: Tony DePaul
    Art: Graham Nolan