The story:
The war on terror reaches Mawitaan as the notorious Wambesi outcast-turned-killer Chatu enters Bangalla with his ruthless men to demand a safe haven from which to direct future operations.

In a disturbing game without winners, the Phantom locates the terrorists, but must tread carefully so that the bomb the killers have hidden in a public building is not set off. And has he factored in Chatu's ruthless escape plan?...

Watch out for:

  • Tony DePaul's first Sunday
  • A suicide bomber
  • A deadly blast
  • A death watch

  • Published in Frew:
    1372 1936

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Alb:1 2016
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    S158 - Terror in Mawitaan

    Original run in the papers: 6 Apr 2003 - 28 Sep 2003
    Script: Tony DePaul
    Art: Graham Nolan