The story:
Trouble is brewing anew in the notorious Eastern Dark (see also D134 Guardian of the Eastern Dark), this time in the shape of ruthless traders charging exorbitant sums for shipping vulnerable immigrants into their realm and leaving them to die.

The Phantom instructs Llongo tribesmen to round up and protect any remaining victims of the cruel human trade and sets out to confront the latest threat emanating from this most unforgiving of hotspots...

Watch out for:

  • Repeated visits to Dr. Axel
  • A lorry on the loose
  • A returning Guardian

  • Published in Frew:
    800 1226 1910

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Ftb:24 1984 Spc:215 1996 Ftb:23 2011 Ftb:24-25 2011 Ftb:26 2011
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    S119 - The Eastern Dark

    Original run in the papers: 7 Aug 1983 - 29 Jan 1984
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Sy Barry