The story:
It is once again time for the prestigious Jungle Olympics to be held in an atmosphere of pomp and fanfare, with both competitors and the odd unsavoury character eyeing up the jewel-studded Phantom Trophy which the winners get to keep for the next four years.

During a very competitive and demanding steeplechase event, two gangsters take off with the unguarded trophy plus Rex, who has witnessed the theft. With Wambesi one event from claiming the trophy and Rex accused of the crime, the Phantom must act quickly to avoid a riot....

Watch out for:

  • Games held every four years (compare with S083 The Stolen Trophy)
  • Joomba on a rampage
  • Hero and Devil as jewel couriers

  • Published in Frew:
    686 1156 1713

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Ftb:12 1980 Fsp:1 1988 Ftb:4 2009 Ftb:5 2009 Fkr:8 2012
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    S109 - Jungle Olympics

    Original run in the papers: 27 May 1979 - 2 Sep 1979
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Sy Barry