The story:

An injured pilot is spotted in the jungle and brought to hospital. Still in a state of confusion, he repeats seeing a huge man-eating plant demanding sacrifice in the remote Massau Badlands. This is put down to delirium, but an explorer becomes interested and arranges a safari.

A female magazine journalist also smells a scoop and gate-crashes the safari, but soon their guides disappear and they fall into the clutches of the Massau. A rumour-curious Phantom is already on his way to the village to investigate, but will he be in time to prevent the next gruesome sacrifice?...

Watch out for:
  • The Phantom's scout sacrificed
  • The Ghost Who Walks versus The Plant God
  • A death-defying jump into the deadly plant

  • Published in Frew:
    328 482 660 869 1280

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
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    S051 - The Plant God of the Massau

    Original run in the papers: 3 Aug 1958 - 21 Dec 1958
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Wilson McCoy