The story:

The annual Wrestling Tourney attracts huge crowds, and this year is no different. Many have come to see the prospective candidates from the various jungle tribes battling it to the final and be given the honour to face the Phantom for the right to rule the jungle for a year, as the rules stipulate (see also D054 The Wrestling Tourney).

This year, an escaped convict steals the Phantom's costume and is unwittingly thrown into the deep end when he is summoned to face the mighty Woban of Wambesi in the wrestling final. The real Phantom, meanwhile, is running around costume-less and about to lose his right to govern the jungle...

Watch out for:
  • Two Phantoms on the move
  • A chicken-stealing Phantom
  • The new jungle ruler

  • Published in Frew:
    1000 1560 1579

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Alb:10 1977
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    S044 - The Jungle Tourneys

    Original run in the papers: 19 Feb 1956 - 20 May 1956
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Wilson McCoy