The story:
The Phantom (as Mr. Walker) is travelling on a cruise ship when the alarm bell is sounded: most passengers' cabins have been looted during a well-attended dinner dance. A shipwide search is started immediately, beginning with Mr. Walker's cabin. To the latter's amazement, a gem from the loot is found during the search.

Chased by the ship's authorities, the Phantom is in a tight spot with little room for manoeuvre and has to find the rest of the loot and those responsible before the trail goes cold...

Watch out for:
  • The mysterious passenger in cabin 14
  • Devil being sat on
  • Adrift at sea with a glowing sack

  • Published in Frew:
    76a 250 387 556 745 1094

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
    Spc:3 1975 Alb:20 1985 Spc:223 1998
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    S026 - The Mysterious Passenger

    Original run in the papers: 14 May 1950 - 16 Jul 1950
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Wilson McCoy