The story:
Returning on a raft after the harrowing experience in Kilhar Pass (see S008 Castle in the Clouds), the Phantom and the Marshall sisters enter territory inhabited by the notorious Ismani cannibals. It does not take long for the tribesmen to locate the new arrivals.

When the Marshall sisters are kidnapped by the tribe, the Phantom has to act judiciously and covertly to stop a tragedy, but with Devil wounded and the dinner pot already brewing, time is not an option...

Watch out for:
  • Scary moments with a crocodile and a tiger
  • The sisters faced with an impossible choice in the Ismani village
  • The Phantom's cunning plan

  • Published in Frew:
    20 107 197 308 457 1063 1566 1623 1695 1918

    Published in Norway/Sweden:
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    S009 - The Ismani Cannibals

    Original run in the papers: 25 Apr 1943 - 4 Jul 1943
    Script: Lee Falk
    Art: Ray Moore