Norwegian tittleEnglish tittleWriterArtistStory codePublished
The Invisible DemonThe Invisible DemonBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 20-1967   
The Treasure of Bengali BayThe Treasure of Bengali BayBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 21-1967   
The Terror TigerThe Terror TigerBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 21-1967   
The Lost City of YiangoThe Lost City of YiangoBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 26-1967   
Diana's Deadly TourDiana's Deadly TourBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 28-1967   
The Big FightThe Big FightBill HarrisBill LignantePHUsp 28-1967   
JungelmatchenJungelmatchenBill HarrisBill LignanteFSFtb 8-1969   Fkr 2-2019   
Bengals sorte perleThe Pearl RaidersBill HarrisBill LignantePHFtb 15-1988   Usp 26-1967   
Historien om HeroThe Story of HeroBill HarrisBill LignantePHFtb 20-1989   Frew 1259   Usp 27-1967   
DelilahDelilahBill HarrisBill LignantePHFrew 972   Usp 23-1967   
Heksen fra Sangari The Riddle of the WitchBill HarrisBill LignantePHFrew 978   Frew 1774   Usp 24-1967   Alb 31-1988   
The Secret of Magic MountainThe Secret of Magic MountainBill HarrisBill LignantePHFrew 1026   Usp 22-1967   
The Ghost TribeThe Ghost TribeBill HarrisBill LignantePHFrew 1035   Usp 35-1969